Monday, July 7, 2014

The Best Bites in State Capitals

MapQuest recently posted an article on the best places to eat in all 50 state capitals. Wondering what made the cut? Here's the excerpt regarding Albany:

Jack's Oyster House
Albany, NY
Politicians, authors and others have settled into the deep booths at Jack’s Oyster House for private conversations, end-of-legislative-session celebrations and bites of Jack’s "extravagant seafood tower." The 80-seat gastropub, New World Bistro Bar, fills quickly nightly with those seeking global cuisine sourced locally, like ceviche prepared with wild striped bass. Consistently rated Albany’s best, Angelo's 677 Prime starts you off with surf and turf tempura rolls and leads you to your choice of steak.

Read the remainder of the article here.
The dining room of 677 Prime
Do you think the rating is accurate? What other eateries would you recommend to someone visiting Albany? Tell us by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page!