Thursday, September 27, 2012

Culinary with a Cause: Fusion announces Signature Chefs

Two More Signature Chefs for FUSION revealed!

Chefs Ric Orlando & Mark Graham will join Yono Purnomo & AJ Jayapal
Ric Orlando, Chef/Restaurateur and 2x Food Network Chopped™ Champion, has been preparing and promoting both global and local food for over 20 years.  Orlando’s New World Home Cooking Co. is a Hudson Valley landmark and the New World Bistro Bar in Albany, which he designed and manages, is a repeat local ‘BEST OF’ winner.  Orlando has cooked in the kitchens of respected chefs Bob Kinkead, Jake Jabobus, and Emmett Fox, and developed his unique culinary style at groundbreaking restaurants such as the Elm City Diner in New Haven, (the original) Harvest in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Wild Goose in Boston, and Sugar Reef in Manhattan.

Executive Chef Mark Graham began his culinary development nearly three decades ago in the greater Boston area as executive chef for the Seven Hills Egremont Inn but refined his craft in Northern California, where he worked for well know culinarians Bradley Ogden, Gary Danko and Wolfgang Puck.  Chef Graham has manned the kitchens at notable Capital Region eateries Chez Sophie, The Wine Bar, and MezzaNotte. He was also an invited chef for the James Beard House dinner.  Graham is currently Executive Sous Chef at Max London’s in Saratoga.

So... what is Fusion??

FUSION is one of this Fall's most exciting arts and artisanal events!

FUSION will feature:
  • FUSION-inspired dishes by some of the Capital Region's top chefs*
  • Wine and beer pairings
  • Pocket performances
  • Live art installations
  • Silent Auction
  • Soundbed by: Space, Time & Spacetime
  • Lighting by: Nicky Lights
Sound interesting to you? Buy tickets here.


  1. nowhere on this site does it indicate when the event will be or location...ya got me wondering!!

  2. Sorry about that! We were hoping you would click the link at the end of the post to learn more. The event will take place this Friday, October 12, at the Washington Park Lakehouse.