Monday, February 18, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Springtime

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, so we thought we’d prepare you for all the maple syrup fun in Albany’s Hilltowns that is sure to be sweet!

As the weather warms and the trees begin to thaw from the winter chill, the sap beings to drip through either traditional spiles into buckets, or high-tech tubing into large plastic barrels. The sap is boiled for hours at the sugar house, producing a warm and sweet aroma that is difficult to resist. This process transforms the slightly sweet and watery liquid into the thick and delicious maple syrup that we all love to devour with our morning pancakes. And if pancakes aren't nearby, take some fresh powder snow and pour some syrup onto it to create a maple snow treat!

Having some fun at the Sugar House while the sap is boiled!
Throughout the Albany County Hilltowns, many residents and farmers take to the woods with their equipment and begin harvesting the sweet liquid. The syrup season has become such a celebrated tradition that there are a number of festivals dedicated to the sticky substance.

Two weekends in March will play host to the New York State Maple Producers Association Maple Weekend™ at the Mountain Winds Farm in Berne. On March 24, the Knox Firehouse will host a delicious all-you-can-eat pancake brunch, complete with (you guessed it) pure maple syrup! And in Cooperstown, the Farmer’s Museum hosts Sugaring Off Sundays each Sunday in March, in which the maple syrup industry is explored through a variety of fun activities.

Pack up the family and head to the Hilltowns to learn about this fascinating (and delicious) tradition! For more information and other event detail, visit!

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