Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spirit of Albany: The Lounge Kitten

Editor’s note: We asked Albany's best mixologists to create an original cocktail recipe that embodies the true Spirit of Albany. Today, we highlight The Lounge Kitten, created by Jennifer Cramer of 205 on Wolf at the Holiday Inn Albany on Wolf Road.

Don’t let the hotel bar stigma or the cocktail name scare you away from trying this delicious concoction. When I mentioned to my fellow staff members that I would be trying The Lounge Kitten, it invoked a few chuckles. Undeterred, I pressed forward knowing that I was in good hands with the drink’s creator, Jennifer.

Arriving at the hotel, I missed the clearly obvious signs for 205 on Wolf and walked in the main lobby doors.

I was directed down about a half mile of snaking hallways eventually arriving in a very impressive bar complete with a glowing fireplace, comfortable booths, stylish tables and chairs, and the well-stocked bar. It is my suggestion that you heed the directional signs, take a seat wherever you feel most comfortable, and order The Lounge Kitten.

A perfect summer drink
I took a seat at the bar next to a few older gentlemen as Jennifer began preparing my drink. When it was finished, she placed a martini glass filled with pink liquid in front of me. My face must’ve been just as blushed as I took the first sip to the audience of older gentlemen, sipping their whiskey, and obviously confused as to what was taking place before them.

To my surprise, the drink was not sticky, was just the right amount of sweet, and was actually quite delicious! Jennifer created the cocktail using X-Rated Liquer (a “superior product”), along with orange vodka, lime wedges, and cranberry juice. She was actually out of X-Rated when I visited so she substituted triple sec, which worked just as fine. (See the correction from Jennifer below!) The result is a light, citrusy, and exciting summertime cocktail that is sure to please. And I’m sure it would pair well with most items on their extensive menu.

So how does The Lounge Kitten relate to Albany? Head over to www.albany.org/spiritofalbany to read the story and get the full recipe. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite drink, which may earn the title of the 2013 Spirit of Albany.

Remember to have fun, but be smart: designate a driver!


  1. Schuyler,
    Actually we were out of Grey Goose orange,I substituted Smirnoff Orange. There's no substitute for the X-Rated, otherwise the flavor would not be the same! Triple sec doesn't have the amazing blood orange & passionfruit flavor of the X-Rated. We're glad you enjoyed the drink, and we're looking forward to sharing it with all of Albany!

  2. Thanks for the correction, Jennifer!