Friday, April 10, 2015

Spirit of Albany: Apple Cider Sangria

For the 2015 Spirit of Albany campaign, The Ginger Man concocted this mouth-watering cocktail that reflected everything we love about Albany!

What inspired the mixologist at The Ginger Man when trying to create this cocktail?

This cocktail celebrates and embodies New York’s favorite time of the year: Autumn. With the beautiful foliage and favorite activity, apple picking, it’s no wonder why residents and visitors alike love the Fall. The Apple Cider Sangria embodies all that comes with that dazzling time of the year. Along with the abundance of apple products, the Hudson Valley and Capital District are known for their local wineries.
This refreshing beverage pairs nicely with a lighter entrée such as a salad or simple chicken dish! Although this drink can be enjoyed all year long, autumn best compliments this cocktail because of its apple-cinnamon roots.

See the recipe and order your own 2015 Recipe Guide by visiting this page.

See how they created the sangria in this “how-to” video:

Editor's note: We asked some of Albany’s best mixologists to create original cocktail recipes that embody the spirit of Albany, and we compiled those recipes into our 2015 Spirit of Albany Recipe Guide. (The ACCVB does not, in any way, condone drinking and driving so please designate a driver as we did for this series.)

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