Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spirit of Albany: The Warehouse District

What do you get when you ask one of Albany's favorite cidery to create a signature mixed drink? The ultimate collaboration cocktail that is 150% Albany. 

Nine Pin Cider's The Warehouse District takes their own Ginger Cider and adds Albany Distilling Co.'s Ironweed Rye Whiskey, a bit of wildflower honey, and a cherry. Simple but wonderful. The inspiration for this 2015 Spirit of Albany Cocktail? Well...
"The Warehouse District cocktail combines craft beverages from the up and coming Warehouse District in downtown Albany. Using local ingredients in the production of the alcohol and for the cocktail itself, this drink truly embodies the Spirit of Albany in every way."
Although you can't get this cocktail at Nine Pin's tasting room yet (due to current legislation), you can go there to pick up the main ingredients to make this at home for yourself or for your friends!

See how easy it is to make The Warehouse District by watching this video:  

Editor's note: We asked some of Albany’s best mixologists to create original cocktail recipes that embody the spirit of Albany, and we compiled those recipes into our 2015 Spirit of Albany Recipe Guide. (The ACCVB does not, in any way, condone drinking and driving so please designate a driver as we did for this series.)

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