Monday, June 1, 2015

Spirit of Albany: Empire State Apple Manhattan

Wolf's 1-11 Sports Arena Grill may only be open during Times Union Center events, but when it is
you have to stop in to try their extremely creative Spirit of Albany cocktail, the Empire State Apple Manhattan.

If you, like me, are a classic Manhattan lover, then you'll be over the moon with this tasty beverage made from all New York State products. Wondering where this mixologist came up with this inspired recipe? Here's his inspiration:
"When you drive into Albany, it's hard to miss the Empire State Plaza. Inspired to make New York's Capital sparkle, Governor Nelson Rockefeller came up with the idea for what he hoped would be the "most electrifying capital in the world." Today the Empire State Plaza occupies 98 acres of land with 10 buildings, beautiful vistas, and is a favorite spot for residents and visitors alike. This cocktail celebrates the great Empire State Plaza and New York's state fruit: the apple." 
Want to make this cocktail at home? Watch our "how-to" video to learn how:

Editor's note: We asked some of Albany’s best mixologists to create original cocktail recipes that embody the spirit of Albany, and we compiled those recipes into our 2015 Spirit of Albany Recipe Guide. (The ACCVB does not, in any way, condone drinking and driving so please designate a driver as we did for this series.)

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