Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Four Albany Favorites Create Albany Craft Beverage Trail

If you suggested 10 years ago that small, “craft” beverages would be all beer and spirit lovers would be talking about today, you may have gotten some funny looks. However, last year alone craft beer sales were up 17.6% and accounted for 22% of the market (source). Of course, beer is just one small portion of the craft beverage scene today, especially in Albany. 

Recently, the craft beverage players in Albany, NY grouped together to form the Albany Craft Beverage Trail. All located along Broadway and only about 1 mile from each other, C.H. Evans Brewing Company, Albany Distilling Co., Nine Pin Cider Works, and Druthers Brewing Co. have teamed up to promote the facilities of craft and farm-based beverage producers in the County of Albany, New York.

These four Albany favorites are celebrating the collaboration with their inaugural event on October 3 from 12-5 PM – Drink Albany! Join the festivities at Quackenbush Square in downtown Albany to learn more about Albany’s craft beverage producers and to try samples from each. There will also be live music and over 30 vendors and food trucks to ensure that everyone has a fun-filled afternoon.

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